It is said that you either find images, or you build images. I am definitely a image builder. That is the legacy of my Design background. After ten years working as a product designer, I finally set as a product and commercial photographer. This was a parallel step, as the methodology for creating a product is not that different from creating an image. And the knowledge acquired from designing objects translates into the ability to present a product in the best possible light. The context is a indispensable element of the product presentation, so this is also a integral part of the work I do.

One thing I learned in Design is that you can not isolate the object from the one who uses it, so to design the object, you must know the user. And the knowledge of the human dimension is how I got interested in photographing people. A product not always means an object, it may be a company, a brand, a person, a musician or a band, it's whatever you need to communicate. My approach is always the same regardless of the subject - to understand everything about it, and to create the best way to present it.

Design is my love, Photography is my passion. I am not able to choose between them, so I found a way to do both.If you think my work may be the thing you need for your product, for your company, or for you, contact me.

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